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Out of Box Media Solutions

BayStar Partners provides unique media/publishing services by providing our clients significant cost savings and premium service with paper purchasing, printer negotiations, distribution channel management, and quality product placement into big box and independent retailers. We utilize our experience and leverage our well established vendor relationships to achieve value-added assistance to our clients in handling their operational needs.

Publisher & Publisher Services

If a client is in need of diligence for a product launch or acquisition, or if a client needs an overview of current processes, then BayStar sizes their market, identifies excessive costs, and presents opportunities and choices, globally. Our clients are then best equipped to make well-informed decisions.

BayStar's founders have unique, diverse, and tenured experience, which help shape best practices for our clients. We have extensive knowledge in negotiating with vendors throughout the globe, whether in Ontario, Canada or Lima, Peru or Eastern Europe. Through synergies and leverage developed by assisting several clients, we are exposed to vendors' down time and business lulls, allowing for your project to be piggy-backed onto larger projects, resulting in economies of scale.

We are fluent in currency exchange rates, so as your project navigates through production, BayStar is optimizing many global currency alternatives.

Business Consulting

If a designer, editor, or publisher is not certain on how to economically launch a product into large or niche retailers, BayStar brings our deep experience to each project; minimizing cost-of-goods and optimizing logistics from start to finish. We understand the mechanics involved with printing abroad or positioning product domestically. Our marketing, logistical, and distribution channel helps our clients assess their marketing, design, packaging, promotional, and distribution needs.

As we work with clients, we are keenly aware of paper prices and printing schedules around the world, so your project is completed with best available prices and optimal printing schedule.